June 2018

10th DAY OF INNOVATION – IoT and Wearable


Tuesday, June 5, 2018 was held in Lomazzo at ComoNExT the 10th edition of The Innovation Day that wanted to reflect on the issue of digital revolution as an opportunity to bring innovation and competitive advantage to entrepreneurship.

A whole day to talk about innovation and reflect with the companies and young people who will have the opportunity to be protagonists and users of the company 4.0, which has effectively ratified the transition to the fourth industrial revolution.

During the day there was an experiential laboratory in which Wel presented the Industrial IoT and the new wearable applications: All objects can be connected to each other: this is the “Internet of Things”, with which you can manage and interact with the machines in your work environment, wearing the technologies … and always staying Chic!

Keywords: Internet od Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, Wearable

Marco Epicoco (Wel)

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