MAY 2018



Chokkino, the cocoa espresso, is a true innovation, which contains in a cup only the good of cocoa to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of conscious consumers.

But the real innovation is to incorporate the IoT technology developed by WEL into Kaya (the machine that delivers this beverage).

This system allows remote control, thus protecting the consumer on the exclusive use of the original product.

IoT technology allows you to connect to the network and make the various machines connected, making them aware and intelligent, thus having the ability to exchange data in real time with the outside world, providing information that you did not have access to before.

With the integration of this technology, it is now possible to optimize production processes, to trace the paths of their products, to guarantee a qualitatively better customer support and to analyze big data.

All this is made possible both thanks to the integration of the Brainy board inside the machines, the hardware designed and realized by Wel, and through the Brainy platform that allows interaction with the products to which it is connected in such a way.
to analyze their status and define their behavior.

Wel - Chokkino

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