October 2017

Matching between Startup and companies


In Turin, a match between startups and companies to identify an innovative growth path. Initiative organized by Piccola Industria Torino, the I3P incubator of the Turin Polytechnic and the Lomazzo (CO) ComoNExT innovation hub.

Wel - Torino, si può fare!

The event, organized in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, has allowed companies and start-ups to meet with real “innovation test drives”: experimental workshops where highly specialized startups will test their solutions in different company areas. An opportunity for innovative matching to discover closely how new products and services can help companies.

Wel has had the opportunity to raise awareness of its innovation project: digitize work processes using IoT technologies and verticalising everything on wearable as work tools. Through its WMS (Wearable Management System) management and analysis platform, it allows its customers to: improve production processes; standardize the access control and presence detection system; improve communication between the operator and the company and vice-versa; improve workplace safety; improve the maintenance process and finally offer a quality control tool.

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