November 2017

Internet of Things: SUCCESS WEARS WITH WEL


BacktoWork24 is the first system in Italy that offers innovative solutions to favor the investment of financial resources and professional skills by managers and investors, in small companies and start-ups. The goal is to create a virtuous circle able to foster the flow of finance and know-how to the real economy.

Wel - IoT


BacktoWork24 wins a new challenge in the innovation market together with Wel. The young ICT company founded by Marco Epicoco and Stefano Grima and by the investor and electronic engineer Alessandro Iacoponi is ready to make the “connected objects” more and more protagonists.

To enter Wel‘s business potential, understand its core business and its positioning, we can refer to the term wearable, which indicates all wearable and smart electronic devices, considered the best example of the Internet of Things.

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